Uses For Cedar Plywood

Cedar plywood is an ideal alternative to single asphalt roofing and is good for sheds, pool cabins and other small woodworking projects in your yard. It is common to use a multipurpose knife to cut cedar slats; score the thin slab at the desired location and flex break in your hands.

On a long project, this process can be time-consuming. Instead, you can use a table saw to cut quickly through cedar as needed.


Measure the cedar plywood and make a mark with a pencil to indicate the place to cut. Draw a line along the tile to make the cut easier.

Adjust the angle of the saw to accommodate the cedar. Depending on the model of the saw, we usually adjust the angle by lifting a lever and the guide to the desired location. If you are making square cuts on the tiles, for example, set the angle perpendicular to the saw guide.

Place the cedar on the cutting table of the saw and press the tile firmly against the fence. Tile position so that the mark of the pencil is in the path of the cut of the saw blade and lower the blade before turning on the saw, to ensure that the blade meets the mark of the pencil.

Press the saw “Power” button and pull the lever to lower the blade until it cuts through the cedar tiles. Pull the lever towards you to continue cutting along the pencil line. When finished, press the “Power” button to turn off the saw.

Tips & Warnings

Wear safety goggles and earphones when using a miter saw. Always keep your hands away from the blade. See this article to learn more about woodworking.