Toy Dog Breeds

Before completing the list of what are the different breeds of toy dogs? It is vital to understand some basic facts considered for classification of the dog toy breeds. If you haven’t heard of toy dog breeds before, these different dog breeds are very small in size and therefore comparable with “toys”.

Dogs are a different species, consisting of two giant and miniature breeds. The size of toy dogs can be the result of the continuous reproduction of different breeds. Dogs breeds of a toy are the result of several years of parenting generations.

Small dog breeds are very common among celebrities. Since they see strong fashionable families and young women, they have become very attractive to the masses. In the recent past, there have been toy races in high demand that giant strong dogs that play a good role as guardians of the family.

If you buy one of the toy dog breeds consider looking at this list of toy breeds so that you can make an informed decision.

Dogs that stay small forever

If you are looking for a dog that will be small, there are a number of toy breeds that do not grow large. If you are considering buying a breed that does not grow more than 30 pounds in weight, there are several that you can choose from.

Toy dogs are alternatively called lap dogs although this term is used only to refer to the list of those breed of toy breeds that can be kept around. In most cases, these dogs can ride pets that are relatively small in size and have a friendly temperament.

Lap dogs are considered to be the group of dogs that will stay small, although this is a generic term used to refer to these dogs, but not targeting a specific breed of dog.

Active toy dog breeds

Unlike your docile companions, there are some breed list toy dog breeds that are relatively active and can be classified as working dogs. These dogs can be great for a family with children.

Most of this dog breeds will have a good temperament and not be aggressive against children. Toy dogs are playful they make the best family animals for a young family with small children.

Basically, water dogs and terriers will be a perfect combination for a family that is active and requires an active toy breed.

Toy Dog Breeds:

  1. Yorkshire Terrier
  2. Charles Spaniel
  3. Brussels Griffon
  4. Chihuahua
  5. Chinese Crested
  6. Affenpinscher
  7. Cavalier King
  8. Inglese Toy Spaniel
  9. Miniature Pinscher
  10. Havanese

Some Of The Most Popular Breeds Of Dogs

Through the years, man has been served by many types of beasts. From cattle to horses to beasts of burden. However, out of all these, only one serves us by choice – the dog.

Scientific research and DNA evidence shows that dogs have been man’s companion many years ago. They were first domesticated by wolves. As pack animals, they display certain pack instincts, such as loyalty and devotion, which of course make them the perfect companion, the perfect best friend.

There are many breeds of dogs and often the differences between each one are highly varied. Some dogs are long-snouted, some have blunt faces, while others are as small as barely 5 inches at the withers.

Currently, there are nearly 400 different breeds of dogs worldwide that are officially recognized.

Below are some of the most popular breeds of dogs that you are likely to encounter in your local pet shop:


Originating from Japan, Akita means “the Most Venerated One.” Akita dogs are workers, used mainly in hunting large game and dogfighting. They are medium to giant size, strong, and often independent. As such, they can be hard to manage and thus are not suitable for family pets or for first-time dog owners. Make sure you get a good dog crate for them  However, on the bright side, if you own an Akita, you have the distinction of being one of the few owners, of a dog that belongs to the 14
rare and ancient breeds.

setterIrish Setter

Of all the Irish American breeds of dogs, the Irish Setter is probably the most popular. Irish setters were originally working dogs that used to “set” game. That is, they would crouch down close to a game (a bird, for instance) and wait until the hunter would throw a net over the dog and the game. Today, Irish setters, particularly the field types, are primarily gun dogs, bird dogs, and all in all reliable hunting companions. Their friendliness and genuine affection for humans make them great pets. Their excellent tempers and loyalty rival the best of the breeds of dogs.

goldenGolden Retriever

Arguably one of the more popular breeds of dogs, Golden Retrievers are loyal, friendly dogs with a high level of sociability and intelligence. While they typically bark when startled, they are not considered as the good watchdog because of their friendly nature. Their color ranges from dark golden coat to nearly blonde. As such, they are sometimes
fondly referred to as “Yellow Retrievers.”

American Eskimo Dogs

Fondly called “Eskies” by devotees, American Eskimo Dogs are one of the many breeds of dogs that are descended from the Nordic breed. Beautiful with thick, often pure white but may sometimes be creamy white coats and dark noses, American Eskimo Dogs are hardy, gentle, and playful companions.

Their fox-like heads and triangular erect ears show their intelligence while their rounded, lion-like manes and softly plumed tails reveal their fun-loving nature. With their devotion and natural affection for humans, Eskies make wonderful pets for children.

Choosing which breed for you depends on a number of factors including the time you have to spend with your dog, what kind of walks and how often you are prepared to walk them, whether you want your dog to go to dog-friendly places with you.