Ideal Pets At Home

Whether you live alone or surrounded by a large tribe, the presence and complicity of an animal are always good.

But by the way, what are the ideal pet at home especially if you have young kids in the family. Here are some pets to consider:


Hug, intelligent, graceful. We like to go home at night after a hard day’s work and caress him on the couch, while he purrs, purrs, and purrs.

And what’s more, we appreciate his independence!


Still, without much surprise, the doggie adored comes in a good place. Well yes, he is affectionate, faithful (more than any other animals … (even human!),

Player, sweet … In short, we love dogs and they make us feel good!

Especially with children.

Guinea pig

This little ball of hair (more or less long elsewhere) is really very cute and melts the hardest hearts. A bit shy, the guinea pigs get used to the proximity of the man as and when they are educated.

Just be patient!


Well, of course, the rat is not necessarily the animal that makes us dream the most. Doubtless, it is due to his reputation as a nuisance, a bit of a rude bastard.

However, the rat is a very intelligent animal (more than we think, and probably one of the smartest!), And knows how to be really faithful.


The rabbits, they make us crack with their fur so soft, their ears erect or hanging, their thrombin too cabbage. Starting with our dear toddlers who would all love to have a rabbit at home.

A great pet, but be careful to anticipate his arrival, he needs space, especially if he is not dwarf.


Well, we are not going to say that a goldfish is affectionate, faithful or intelligent. But a goldfish is an animal that will easily teach children to learn how to take good care of a living being, without much restraint.


Its legendary slowness makes the turtle a pet with tiresome appearances. Yet, even if, like any reptile, it is of course not really close to the man in terms of affection or play, the turtle is a really fascinating animal. And so funny to watch!


The chinchilla is a rodent absolutely delightful: just to look at it, we want to make him a mess. His long hair, his strange ears, his body all rotten make us crack.

But beware, the chinchilla is a rogue who can do some damage to your home.

And it is expensive!

For your children and to prevent them from catching worms, remember to deworm your puppies and kittens once a month until the age of 8 months, and three or four times a year thereafter.

Treat your cats, rabbits, and others against ringworms.

If your young are asthmatic, consult your doctor. He may recommend, when it is the only solution, to separate from the animal.