The best online games


Online gaming is one of the funnest things that you can do. The possibilities are truly endless.  We will go over some of the best online games that you can play in 2016.


Elder scrolls

This game has had 5 successful series already and for good reason.  In this chapter you find yourself as a prisoner and without a soul.  The goal is to get back your soul and win the game.  There are many ways that you can do this and you can also play solo as well.


This game is browser based and has been around for a long time.  It’s a typical leveling up game like mario and the main goal is to complete the levels and win the game.  It makes people feel nostalgic as the game is truly old.

Battlefield 4

This series is known for being exactly how the name describes it.  It is an action packed game that is filled with guns, explosions and violence.  This makes the game extremely popular with guys.  It is very realistic and the graphics are top notch.  Look no further if you are the action seeking type.

Triad wars

This is similar to the naughty dog game so be prepared for it to be fun and violent.  It is a gang based game as the name suggests and you need to survive and complete missions to level up and win.

Other types of games

Another type of online game that you can play is of the gambling type.  Australian pokies are a online slot type of game that allow you to place bets and win big money.  Heres a link with an example of this type of game.  They are quite fun but be careful to gamble responsibly like always.


How to Feed a Koi Fish – Your Ultimate Guide


koifishyAre you looking for some detailed advice on how to feed your koi fish? If so, this guide is going to provide you with the information you’re looking for. With this in mind, let’s explore the important subject in closer detail.

First of all, there’s no denying that feeding your koi fish is perhaps one of the most fun and enjoyable aspects of owning koi fish, and many owners delight in the experience, as it’s one of the few times you can truly interact with your beautiful them.

However, it’s also extremely important to get this right – because feeding your fish too regularly, or not regularly enough, or even feeding them the wrong types of food can cause all sorts of health problems for your fish.

The golden rule of feeding you koi fish is to make sure you never overfeed them, as this can have dangerous consequences for their metabolism. In general, it’s recommended to feed your koi fish based on the water temperature they’re living in.

There are some amazing automatic koi feeders that will save you a lot of hassle.  These adjust based on the water temperature and feeds them the right amounts at the right times.  This is definitely the best way to go if you don’t have time to feed them regularly.  It might take some of your quality time away from them but you can still go feed them a few little things here and there.  Check out these automatic feeders on the web by just searching for them.

pondkoisThe reason why is simply because a koi’s metabolism functions at its best when the temperature is above 70F. In particular, it becomes much more difficult for your fish to process high protein foods when the water drops too far below 70F, so keeping an eye on the thermometer will be the important first step whenever you’re developing a feeding schedule for your koi fish.

Now, if the water temperature is fairly high – usually between 72 and 80F, you will need to feed your koi 3 to 4 times a day. Due to the warm temperature, you can give them a fairly high protein diet that consists of up to 40% protein pellets – and it’s also wise to add various vegetables, fruits, and plankton to increase the amount of variety.

In waters that range from 60F to 65F, it’s best to feed your fish just once per day, with a protein pellet ratio of around 35%. As always, you should aim to include some variety in their diet, so don’t be afraid to add some vegetables and fruit into the mix.

If the water temperature is between 55F and 59F, then you’ll only need to feed them 4 to 5 times a week if they’re showing signs of hunger. You’ll need to keep the protein fairly low at around 25%.

Finally, if the water temperature is less than 50F, it’s best to not feed your koi at all – and simply give them supplemental feedings which provide some protein and carbohydrate.

Some Of The Most Popular Breeds Of Dogs

Through the years, man has been served by many types of beasts. From cattle to horses to beasts of burden. However, out of all these, only one serves us by choice – the dog.

Scientific research and DNA evidence shows that dogs have been man’s companion many years ago. They were first domesticated from wolves. As pack animals, they display certain pack instincts, such as loyalty and devotion, which of course make them the perfect companion, the perfect best friend.

There are many breeds of dogs and often the differences between each one are highly varied. Some dogs are long-snouted, some have blunt faces, while others are as small as barely 5 inches at the withers. Currently, there are nearly 400 different breeds of dogs worldwide that are officially recognized.

Below are some of the most popular breeds of dogs that you are likely to encounter in your local pet shop:


Originating from Japan, Akita means “the Most Venerated One.” Akita dogs are workers, used mainly in hunting large game and dog fighting. They are medium to giant size, strong, and often independent. As such, they can be hard to manage and thus are not suitable as family pets or for first time dog owners. Make sure you get a good dog crate for them  However, on the bright side if you own an Akita, you have the distinction of being one of the few owners, of a dog that belongs to the 14
rare and ancient breeds.

setterIrish Setter

Of all the Irish American breeds of dogs, the Irish Setter is probably the most popular. Irish setters were originally working dogs that used to “set” game. That is, they would
crouch down close to a game (a bird, for instance) and wait until the hunter would throw a net over the dog and the game. Today, Irish setters, particularly the field types, are primarily gun dogs, bird dogs, and all in all reliable hunting companions. Their friendliness and genuine affection for humans make them great pets. Their excellent tempers and loyalty rival the best of the breeds of dogs.

goldenGolden Retriever

Arguably one of the more popular breeds of dogs, Golden Retrievers are loyal, friendly dogs with a high level of sociability and intelligence. While they typically bark when startled, they are not considered as good watchdog because of their friendly nature. Their color ranges from dark golden coat to nearly blonde. As such, they are sometimes
fondly referred to as “Yellow Retrievers.”

American Eskimo Dogs

Fondly called “Eskies” by devotees, American Eskimo Dogs are one of the many breeds of dogs that are descended from the Nordic breed. Beautiful with thick, often pure white but may sometimes be creamy white coats and dark noses, American Eskimo Dogs are hardy, gentle, and playful companions. Their fox-like heads and triangular erect ears show their intelligence while their rounded, lion-like manes and softly plumed tails reveal their fun-loving nature. With their devotion and natural affection for humans, Eskies make wonderful pets for children.

Choosing which breed for you depends on a number of factors including time you have to spend with your dog, what kind of walks and how often you are prepared to walk them, whether you want your dog to go to dog friendly places with you.

5 Top Reasons To Hire An SEO Consultant

All affiliate marketing businesses, both small and large, face the dilemma of hiring a professional SEO consultant or doing their online marketing efforts in-house. While you can benefit from both options, hiring an SEO expert comes with several advantages that can prove to be more valuable for your business. The following are the reasons why you should consider hiring a professional and how it can help your business in the long run.


SEO consultant affiliate marketing


1. Knowledge and Expertise

A certified SEO consultant has the necessary knowledge and expertise when it comes to online marketing. As you may know, the internet landscape is constantly evolving. It’s difficult to keep up with all the latest changes yourself, especially if you’re managing other critical areas of your business such as operations. A professional stays updated about everything that’s happening in internet marketing, and applies this information in your marketing campaigns.


2. SEO Tools

An SEO expert is equipped with various SEO tools that enable him to analyze and optimize your marketing efforts. Included in these tools are rank trackers, backlink checkers, and analytics tools. If you choose to do SEO yourself or hire an in-house employee to do the job, you need to pay a fee to get premium access to these tools. More importantly, you might not be able to correctly interpret the data shown by these tools, which could mean wasting money for nothing in return.


3. White-hat Techniques

If you’ve been in the online marketing industry for a long time now, you’re probably familiar with the terms black-hat and white-hat. The former basically means any method that doesn’t abide by the guidelines laid out by the search engines, while the former refers to any method to increase your rankings without trying to game the system. Professional consultants only makes use of white-hat techniques for very large companies, so you don’t have to worry about getting penalized for practices that might appear like spam to search engines.


4. On-going Maintenance Services

Reaching the first page is one thing, but maintaining your position is an entirely different matter. A professional SEO can help maintain your rankings, ensuring that you’ll get a constant flow of targeted traffic. Various SEO services will be employed to achieve this including building back-links and updating content.


5. Cost-effective

Hiring an SEO consultant can also be more cost-effective compared to doing the services in-house. You can choose the specific services you need and only pay for a specific amount of time for which you need to use these services. Having an in-house consultant might cost you more money in the long run, especially if you only require certain services which can be easily done by third party expert.


These are just some of the benefits a professional consultant can provide. Establishing an in-house team of experts can also be beneficial for your business, especially if you need long-term services. But for the short-term, leaving these tall tasks at the hands of a third party professional can prove to be the better choice and more cost effective.